Whats Wrong with Google ?

Hello Webmaster I am working on a website.. Which is a simple single product website.. And I have been working on it since 5 months… and the main keyword of the website has very low competition.. I want to know that why my keyword ranking is fluctuating so much.Sometimes, for some days, Google shows it in 2nd position.. But after someday it doesn’t show at all in its SERP at all. I have done a significant amount of Link building as well.But it seems useless Looking at my competitor website (they are ranking for the same keyword). Don’t know what should I do…. Tried so many things.. Please suggest a way to stable the ranking of that keyword!! Thanks..

Website : asthijivakindia(dot)com
Main keyword : asthijivak

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Would you disavow this site?

There are some websites that I seriously can’t figure out if they’re terrible and spammy or just stupid and pointless.

Or even awesome. That’s how bad I am at this.

Take for example this site: waiwiki(dot)org – wrote it like that because im not trying to help them or anything.

On our backlink list they are linking to my site about 800 times (see attached screen cap). All with the anchor text of (strangely) "idea"

But when you look at the site (and ive seen this before) it looks like a clone of wikipedia. But its not wikipedia.

What are these sites? Is this particular one junk and should be disavowed? Is there even any way to know?

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Citation Strategy

Hi Guys

I have a question about your citation strategy I’m hoping you can answer… I have just inherited 40 local clients in the South of England who have been using another agency that folded, and they have been buiding 10 citations a month as part of the seo strategy. Is 10 citations a month enough? I’m reading 20 is enough, 100 is enough, even been advised 200!

How many do you think is a good number for budgets between £250 – £500? I will be sourcing the citations lists myself for the various local areas, but really need to understand how many I should build…

Any help is much appreciated!

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Redirecting to Home Page: When its Okay

I realize the general rule is that if you have a lot of content which no longer exists from many years ago, you should not put in redirects pointing them all back to your site home page.

This is a common discussion on SEO articles and forums all over the place.

You are supposed to do a 404 or a 410 to say they’re gone.

I have a unique situation.

17 year old website with thousands of pages that have over the years been retired for one reason or another.

But I just found through a backlink file provided by Majestic that we’ve got a TON of legitimate backlinks from legitimate websites still pointing to those old pages.

Like hundreds/thousands of links.

The amount of link juice that would be lost would be huge if we just 404′d or 410′d them.

In the case that you have a valuable backlink pointing to a URL, do you want to redirect that URL to your home page?

Or in this case – they are old news articles, so we would redirect them back to the main news page at domain.com/news/

These articles were removed for many various reasons over the years. But since the site is nearly 2 decades old, we have a ton of random valid websites still pointing to them.

Is this bad? Is there a way to retain that link juice without using this method?


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BING Error

Anyone had this error before in Bing ?
there is a site I look after and everything is fine in google search console (the only that really matters) but in Bing it shows errors.
The issue is its complaining about canonical tags being wrong which there are not.

The site is https and the canonical tags reflect this. However Bing are moaning that the http version have the https canonical tag (different)

Canonical tags can be used to help de-dupe URLs for pages with the same or very similar content. Bing has detected that your site is using what appears to be the same canonical URL for a large number of pages that are not the same. This may be indicative of a problem with your HTML template, content publishing system, or site code. You should review the source of your pages and check if the URLs used inside the <link rel="canonical" href="<url>" /> are not accidentally pointing to the same location for all (or too many) pages.

Here is the crazy thing though, you cant get to the http version of the site, if you try then it gets 301 directed to the correct page.
The site has its own SSL plus on top of that its sat behind cloudflare which also forces https.

Every week I get a nice email from Bing informing me of these errors and there does not appear to be a way of clearing up this issue.
Unless you guys know any better.

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WordPress Expert Wanted

On my website I have a page with this URL http://www.everest1953.co.uk/1921-to-1953 that for some reason does not show anymore when live.

A while ago I made a post with this URL http://www.everest1953.co.uk/1921-to-1953-updated but I decided to delete it.

Now when I enter my URL as http://www.everest1953.co.uk/1921-to-1953 in the ‘Premalink’ box and then click ‘OK’ and ‘Update’ the page why does it comes out as http://www.everest1953.co.uk/1921-to-1953-updated ?

I have asked for help on the official WordPress Help forum but have not really got anywhere.

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Decrease in Rank and Slow Indexing of new posts

Can someone have a look is there any problem with my website ?

Website URL : savingsbazar.com

Indexing of woocommerce Products is too slow and some posts are de-indexing. Also the serp rank of all the posts seems to be falling.

Can someone help me ? Please private message me.

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Gary Illyes says Google is switching from using the desktop index to the mobile index

Gary Illyes from Google (essentially the new Matt Cutts) closed out the week with a 45 minute or so keynote kind of session w/ Q&A.

He stated that currently Google ranks mobile pages based on links & content in Google’s desktop index. However, he went on to say that in the coming months they plan to flip flop that, and the mobile index will become the primary index and will be used to rank both the mobile and desktop SERPs. The desktop index will become a secondary, fall-back index that will be updated MUCH less often.

He recognized that they will lose some signals because there is less content on a typical mobile site and that they will lose lots of structured data unless webmasters modify their mobile sites to rendered structured data.

If you’re using an m. or .mobi domain, there will be MAJOR implications as those sites almost never acquire links like their desktop counterparts. Not an issue for Responsive sites as both mobile and desktop sites share the same URLs.

How do you plan to prepare for this?

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SEO and Client Relationships

Hi Guys,

Looking to increase the communication between our agency and clients to improve rationships.

Besides the normal traffic, backlink, ranking monthly reporting i’m looking at ways to notify the client proactively on changes to their site (specifically for SEO)

So far i have identified:
- Alerting the client of 404 pages with link equity or traffic being (Monitoring using GA custom alerts)
- Identifying non-linked brand mentions using Google Alerts and contacting the client when we make a proactive effort to turn it into a link

Besides that is there anything else you can do to proactively improve client relations. Bascially increasing the number of touch points?


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