Importance of (Homepage)/Website Title

Need to understand how important is the website title?

So far I understood that the website title passes the juice to other pages.

For Ex: I am into natural and ayurvedic beauty and healthcare products and if I use words Natural, Ayurvedic, Beauty, healthcare in Category and Product page Google will rank me as relevant kewords used.

As I understand the homepage title is the base for other pages on our website also google sees it and decides the niche of the website.

If not how does google find the niche of the website because my website is mixed with 2 different niche- healthcare & beauty niche.

Since these are 2 different niches link building from what niche can be effective?

Please answer all my question. Thanks in advance.

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My homepage is not showing in google search result

Hi Friends,

My homepage is not showing in google search results. If I search in google then i see my subpages are coming up instead of homepage. Also I haven’t seen my homepage anywhere in search results.

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Best way to Optimize Title for SEO

I need to understand the best way to optimize title for the particular keyword.

I want to use long tailed keyword in my title but also want to target broad term keyword

So this is how i do it please let me know if this is the correct way to optimize title.

For Example : Hair Growth Oil | Buy Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Growth – Natural Oil for Long Hair

<Broad term + Long term keywords>

I know "hair growth oil" is hard to compete still i have used it in the beginning followed by the long tailed keyword.

Please help. Thanks

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Embedding Video for SEO – YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia?

I believe Vimeo has the advantages of being able to embed your video on your website without advertising and the ability to brand the player with your company name. Can’t do that with YouTube. However obviously Google give a bit more weight to YouTube videos in search results. But I’m talking about ranking the website, not the video.

If the objective is to provide the biggest boost to the website’s ranking (not the individual video), is it best to embed the YouTube video or can you post the video on both YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia and embed the Vimeo or Wistia video?

My gut feeling is that Google would see the direct linkage between the video on YouTube and the website it’s embedded on and potentially that would have (albeit probably small) more benefit in the website’s ranking than embedding the Vimeo or Wistia video?

HOWEVER, re the SEO claims on this Wistia page true? Would the best strategy be to use Wistia for embedding and then also post the videos on a YouTube channel for maximum exposure?

From Wistia:

Vimeo, like YouTube, is a powerful domain for SEO, but when you host your videos on these platforms, you are not doing your website’s SEO a favor. When you upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube, the search engines are indexing the original url, not your website’s. In contrast, when you embed a Wistia video on your website, your website gains all of the SEO benefits.

Vimeo videos are ranked to drive traffic to Vimeo to keep users on their platform. Wistia videos drive traffic to your website—not ours.

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Does Google Bot crawl both desktop and mobile versions of a site?

Does google mobile crawl just the desktop version of a website or does it crawl both the desktop and mobile versions. If we have all our SEO text and content on the desktop version and then the mobile version is stripped of alot of text for aesthetic reasons, would this make any difference for us in terms of site ranking?

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AMP Pages | Syntax

Hi Guys,

Quick question regarding the new AMP page checker in Google Search Console..

It’s stating that a client website has 612 AMP pages indexed, but when searching for these i cannot find them in Google’s index yet.

Is there a syntax used, similar to the "" that could define the AMP pages only in Google?

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So what does work — Case study of sorts…

Manipulating Google SERPs is an increasingly difficult thing to do. My website used to dominate all my SERPs both locally and globally. Heaps of links to link bait made my money pages dominate…

Now… I dominate informational searches for my link bait specific keywords. I slaughter many competitors including .edus and .govs in these searches. However in my localized searches I do not dominate anymore (I still do pretty well overall (1st or 2nd page for most things) but far from dominate. If I do searches for my key terms outside HK I do far better than the same searches in HK (I live in Hong Kong). My competitors who have very few links are either above or just below me depending on search terms.

My thinking is Google picks the most relevant 20 or so pages and then orders them on some other basis not link juice. It seems to me in these sub groups we start off much more even and then I cannot work out why/how the rankings are determined.

So what does work? What can a person do to dominate geo targeted specific search terms?
We are now putting a big effort to get more user engagement on our website. Ie topical localized calendars, user submitted content, live chat etc.. I am ‘hoping’ that this will help our conversions in that with less traffic we are seeking to engae our visitors more in the hope of increasing trust and conversions.

I have now employed a full time social media person to oversee the implementation of all these ideas. I hope it will work….

So back to my question….. What does work in helping do better with the modern google algorithm… Any ideas, suggestions etc I am happy to give some interesting ideas and suggestions a try as I have no problem throwing some resouces at the experiment…. If I try something and it works I am happy to let people know the results..

All feedback is welcome EXCEPT – CREATE GREAT CONTENT AND GET LINKS…. This I am already doing as I said it does not really work on a localized /Geo level anymore…..



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Which New Domain for Shop…

Hi Guys..

To cut a story short seems to have been hit about 4-5 years ago with penalisation.. while no official email from google it has effected ranking dramatically…

After trying almost everything (disavow files, sitemaps, https, and now switching servers) I’ve decided to keep it running but setup on a
new domain name with no links between the two so that no negative seo is passed over to new domains.

I have a choice of (2014) (2005)

Or use my USA site to house both UK and USA sides at (but in my past experience marketing purely to either USA or UK seemed to be separate but I might be wrong.

Which domain would you choose and why?

Secondly I do plan after this to take the time to manually create a disavow file and also use tools to contact bad linking sites and to remove as many as possible. I was going to follow the instructions at:

I have paid people in the past quite a lot to create these files but ranking still continues to be poor… Do you have any recommendations?

Many thanks
All best Anthony

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Changing 301 redirects to a brand new domain and not losing ranks possible?

I bought a 16 yrs old site, restructured it, changed URLs, added content, etc. This called for internal 301s because of the new URL structure.

The site hit #1 for the main keyword of the niche 3 months after. Traffic is nice. Life is good and all…

Now, 5 months after I did the above internal redirects, I would like to move the site to a new domain, because, well, the current domain was awkwardly chosen by the previous owner. Plus I want to put everything on https anyway.

Let’s assume I do every step in the moving process right, all 301s in htaccess are valid, everything properly redirects to same pages on a new domain. I even enter "change of address" inside Search Console.

I fear I will have the new domain sandboxed or simply that Google will treat all the 301s to the new domain as "new equity" and they will have to age first in order for the new domain to rank.

How valid are my fears and/or have any of you, that ever did 301s to a brand new domain, experience any loss of ranks or did the they simply transfer over to a new domain?

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