404 Errors in Webmaster Tools fro Old back file

I have noticed that the webmaster is showing 404 errors from the Old backup file of my website (gizmosyssolutions.com)

I need to know if I can Block these urls in Robots.txt file.

I need to check If it’ll create any issues if I block them all.

Thanks in Advance.

Please Fine the Screen shot

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Google removing content keyword feature

Google is once again modifying GSC.

As per John Mueller,
"users can be confused about the keywords listed in content keywords feature so that is why they have decided to eliminate the Content Keywords feature in Search Console."


a few reads on it…..



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SEO Advice for my website


after spending 3 months writing quality content and improving SEO on my website. Am still not seeing the results I want. Actually am from a small country and my main competitor is always 1st page, 1st position. My concern is that his website haven’t got quality content + these contents are quite short (as opposed to me).

After more analysis, the same competitor has got other issues like "Meta keywords specified", "No H1 heading on several pages". Not much Social media presence and overall off-page SEO (unless I have not been able to correctly assess this).

I’m looking for some advices by someone who can analyze my website and the one of my competitor.

I would certainly provided all results here to help other people like me who would be in the same situation.

Thanks in advance.

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Sub-pages affect SEO?

Hi friends,

Sub-pages affect SEO ranking?

I have a site by the following way


All the above pages are in good ranking.

But now i want to use sub-pages for SEO friendly URL. That is the above pages cover under the services folder like the following URL


If i am doing like this, is it affect my google ranking?

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Hidden content (for UX, not manipulation)

So I’ve always assumed that if your content was in the source of a page, Google would index it as normal – tabbed or otherwise.

Then I read this:
How Does Google Actually Treat Content Hidden in Tabs or Click-to-Expand? – Fresh Egg Blog

With expert comment from John Mueller and Gary Illyes and they’re talking about giving tabbed content "way less" value.

Who here has any experience with this?

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Pages crawled but not indexed. Whatta heck!?

Hey guys, good afternoon!

It took me year to write a website full of great content. Its an eccommerce but for every product i wrote a long product description page and made sure that i filled it up with links to other recourses, great exclusive photos and etc.
Now, its been less than a month that the site has been published and i have been keeping an eye on crawls and indexation metrics throught my search console. I noticed that pages are beeing crawled but not indexed.
Should I worry or wait for the pages to start showing up in the SERP?


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Reviews duplicated in multi language


I have some reviews included in the English part of my site. These reviews are in English and French.

Now am planning to create my site in French. I guess it will be duplicated contents if I include the same reviews (English and French) on the French part.

What would you recommend ? Thanks in advance

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Black Friday Deals

I’ve spent a bit of time contacting a variety of companies and got a load of offers. I would like to say a massive thank you to every company that replied back to me.

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The following weren’t running black friday events, however did offer SEO Chat users a some special offers.

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I’ll keep updating this as I see any more.

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